Welcome to the Essential Sisters’ blog!!

I am Gi, co-owner of Essential Sisters, with my sister Gabi. My hope for this blog is to share information about us, Essential Sisters, ingredients we use, special events/shows coming up, new products, some recipes and ideas.

It’s hard to believe our one year anniversary is quickly approaching. As I look back over the past year, I can’t help but think of how we started. What better way to start this blog then with a look back to the beginning.

This awesome adventure started with us wanting to look for healthier alternatives for our families. 

We had used essential oils around our homes but we were not fully utilizing them. Many we found at our local health stores had labels on them warning to avoid contact with skin. This was a concern. So with much research, days…and even a couple weeks of research we found a company with organic planting, growing, harvesting and distilling methods. Transparency on this was so important to us! Finding essential oils safe for our families to use has been life changing!!

We submersed ourselves in the world of essential oils. I take as many informative online classes as I can. We read countless books and studies, testimonials.

Shortly after we started a healthier path with essential oils, we started to realize all the chemicals we put into and on our bodies in a day. It is horrifying! I even downloaded an app, Talk Dirty.. it allows you to scan commercial body care and rates it. I was shocked on how the kids products rated especially!! This was such an eye opener and the moment we decided to make a major switch (to toxic free) & ditch (the chemicals). We started to make products for our families, from lip care and deodorant to Relax Sacks, salves, other bath & body care even cleaning supplies. We had friends & family asking about it and we would share what we had made. The response was amazing. We quickly went from sisters crafting casually together to Essential Sisters Handmade All Natural Products. We make a wide variety of items now and are constantly trying out new recipes and new ideas in our homes. We love personalizing products or trying new things as they are requested or suggested. Don’t hesitate to ask for something special.

 We take pride in our all natural products, never using preservatives, chemicals, synthetic fragrances, NO toxins. We know our products are made with our high quality small batch standards. Helping other people cut dangerous toxins from their daily routine is an awesome privilege! Whether you are replacing deodorant, cleaning products or more it is great to watch people take control of the chemicals they allow in their homes & to be a part of it.

We only use high quality ingredients, using raw and/or organic where applicable & beneficial, buying local in many cases. Researching each and every ingredient we use before deciding if we will use it in a product is important. We want to know positive benefits to no benefits, or worse, if there are any dangers associated with an ingredient we may use. ALL of our products are tried & tested in our own homes before they are made available.

Essential Sisters’ products are available on Etsy and have shipped to 35 states! You will find a varying section of our products in 4 stores-  Erma’s Flowers & Antiques, Quarryville, Pa – Pebbles & Lace, Strasburg, PaPickled Pickles, Oxford, Pa –Rooted., New London, PA 

Contact us with questions or orders can be made to essentialsisters@yahoo.com. Find us Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Pinterest , we will share new products, occasional coupon codes, events & craft show dates and more! Follow our blog for more information and fun!

Have a fabulous day!

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